Securing Your Firm's Future

Navigating the intricacies of the legal, finance, and real estate sectors demands a steadfast security foundation. In an era of escalating cyber threats, it’s paramount that professionals like you have unwavering trust in their protective measures. Our objective is clear: to empower your firm with the confidence to operate, safeguarding sensitive information and upholding client trust.

The risk of cyber-attacks looms large, potentially undermining the reputation and workings of many within your sector. By harnessing our Cyber Essentials consulting, Pen Testing, and Vulnerability Scanning services, we help stave off these threats. Our focus is on providing security that seamlessly integrates, enhancing your daily operations rather than hindering them.

In collaboration with esteemed vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, SentinelOne, and Qualys, we guarantee top-notch tools in the defence of your firm. Unsure about the best fit for your needs? Get in touch, and we’ll steer you towards the most suitable security framework for your sector.

Together, let’s fortify the future of your firm.

Cyber Security Services

We provide a wide range of security services for your network, devices, and data. There are real threats to your business daily, and it would be horrible to see your data or finances stolen; therefore, we recommend working with our expert team to keep your business secure and safe from outside threats. Not only do you owe it to yourselves, but you owe it to your customers too. We can work with your business to find the best course of action in a plan suitable for your work style.

Network Security

We offer protection for WAN, LAN and set firewall rules to ensure all sensitive information is secure.

Mobile Devices Security

We make sure your data is safe whilst giving you the freedom to work from anywhere, on any device.

Endpoint Security

Our endpoint security detects suspicious behaviour, meaning we can keep watch while you focus on work.

Data Security

We use technology which offers protection from outside interference but provides the right access to your employees.

Our Partners

Services We Offer

If you have a one-off project that you need some help with, don’t hesitate to contact us! We have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of IT. Our team is always ready to work through any issues you may encounter and will proactively monitor your network and devices. We will inform you if we ever notice any suspicious activity and can manage your updates for you. Security can be overwhelming on your own, especially when you don’t know the best way to go about it. Leave it to the experts, and we’ll seamlessly provide you with the protection you need.


We will actively monitor your network, devices and notify you of any suspicious activity.


We manage updates for your IT and schedule them to be outside of your work hours for minimal disruption.

One Point of Contact

We are a single point of contact for every aspect of IT security, meaning you don't have to work loads of different providers.

Secure Network

We ensure the access to your network is given to the right people and can manage firewall rules to prevent unprofessional activity.


Use our experts to guide you and let them build the most suitable solution.

Endpoint Security

Our team of experts will ensure your devices remain secure and can manage them to stop data getting into the wrong hands.

Clients Testimonials

We take pride in our service and maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

Being partnered with WPC is a joy. Their level of service and turnaround is exceptional. As is every member of the support team that I am in contact with. Savvy support and great to work with!


Stephen Sawley, Director

I have worked with this company for over 4 years and can safely say that the customer service is second to none. The staff go above and beyond to assist with clients and suppliers and are always very friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend Workplace to anyone looking for a quality IT partner.

Elliot Azim, Director

We have been using Workplace Connect for around 2 years now, and have found them to be a great company to work with. The change over from our last provider was seamless, and we have enjoyed an uninterrupted service since then. They are always available to assist with any enquiries, and deal with all matters promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

Mark G, Director

Why We Recommend This Service

Cyber Security is a vital element of maintaining your business. We can ensure you are covered from every angle, we will monitor your devices and networks to make sure no suspicious activity is taking place. It is your duty to protect your customers, data, and employees; however we can help take some of the pressure off you.

Common Challenges

Why This Service Is Effective

Benefits of Working With Us

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Types of Support We Offer

Always Ready

We have qualified engineers who are always ready to handle your requests.


You can call our experts if you require support or have an enquiry.


We have a ticket system to trackemails and calls meaning we are always keeping watch over your enquiries.

Remote Support

We offer remote support (RMM) so you can get the help you need fast and efficiently.

Onsite Support

We offer remote support (RMM) so you can get the help you need fast and efficiently.

Our Process

Here are the stages of how we work with you to provide the products and services your business requires.

Stage 1

First, we analyse and assess your current cyber security strategy to understand what is needed for your business and how this can be optimised for your workplace.

Stage 2

Once we have identified the requirements for your cyber security, we recommend steps to act on this and create a strategy to ensure your business is prepared for any threats.

Stage 3

After consideration of potential options, our IT experts then implement the best course of action regarding your new cyber security service.

Stage 4

Once we have implemented a strategy, we will verify with your business that the solutions meet your requirements or if you would like any adjustments.

Stage 5

We will continually monitor your cyber security to sport any potential issues before they cause disruption or to see if any adjustments need to be made.


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Our commitment to your success knows no bounds. Experience unwavering support with our 24/7 service, ready to serve you anytime, any day.

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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our Cyber Security services , if you have any further questions please contact us.



Distributed Denial of Service

Man in the Middle Attack



Cyber attackers will target smaller businesses because they believe these types of businesses will spend less on protection for data and resources. Statistics show that small businesses are collectively subject to around 10,000 cyberattacks a day. Typically, employees of small businesses don’t have enough time dedicated to cyber security awareness and training.

Multi-factor authentication

Cyber Security training

Creating strong passwords (using three random words)

Keep software updated

Create a disaster recovery plan

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