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At Workplace Connect you can find all your IT solutions in one place as well as a dedicated team of experts always on hand to provide support. Our passion is giving businesses like yours the ability to complete work in a safe, innovative, and efficient manner. We are dedicated to making work life easier and safer for everyone through promoting best practices and handling your IT so you can focus on the important stuff.

We offer you a managed network, we monitor its performance and we’re always here to help when things decide to stop working. We create a tailored package just for you. You get integrated services from one place, not 20 suppliers. We’ve pre-built, configured, and tested solutions that can be applied to your business. We promise to provide a secure Wi-Fi connection and firewall rules to promote best practices and maximise the efficiency of your network to ensure you can always do business.

Our partners are leading vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, Virtual1 and Neos. We are confident these will optimise your business and enhance it for maximum efficiency! If you are unsure what you need, simply call us and we will talk through the best options for your business.

We look forward to supporting your business!


Features of Our Service

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Response Times

We guarantee to get back to you within 30 seconds 99% of the time.

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100+ Customers have experienced the benefits of our IT Support.

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Specialist Support

95% of our customers would recommend us as a specialist.

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Experienced Engineers

100% of our calls are answered by specialist engineers.

Why We Recommend This Service

Our network service provides a secure network with guaranteed speeds to help your business work easily online. We can your network and internet easily with our download and upload speeds as well as our IT team managing the network for you. We will monitor the network to ensure it is always running smoothly and we will fix any issues as soon as they arise.

Common Challenges

Why This Service Is Effective

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Products We Offer

Our Partners

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Network Workplace Connect
Network Workplace Connect
Network Workplace Connect
Network Workplace Connect
Network Workplace Connect

Our Process

Here are the stages of how we work with you to provide the products and services your business requires.

Network Workplace Connect

Stage 1

First we analyse and assess your networks to understand what the problem is and how this can be optimised for your workplace.

Network Workplace Connect

Stage 2

Once we have identified the areas of improvement for your network, we recommend steps to fix this and create a strategy on the best way to improve your business's service.

Network Workplace Connect

Stage 3

After consideration of potential options, our IT experts then implement the best course of action regarding your network.

Network Workplace Connect

Stage 4

Once we have implemented a strategy, we will verify with your business that the solution is what you need or if you would like any adjustments to be made.

Network Workplace Connect

Stage 5

Finally, we will continually reassess how your network service is working to spot any potential issues before they cause disruption to your business.


Network Workplace Connect
Network Workplace Connect
Network Workplace Connect
Network Workplace Connect

Sectors we serve in

Where offer support

Sectors and Locations We Serve

Our Offices

Address: 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Address: Never Despair Studios, Unit 2, Alton Road, Hook, RG29 1RT

Sectors We Serve

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Our IT specialists will be available for calls and emails throughout the day and will respond promptly.

Types of Support We Offer

Network Workplace Connect

Always Ready

We have qualified engineers who are always ready to handle your requests.

Network Workplace Connect


You can call our experts if you require support or have an enquiry.

Network Workplace Connect


We have a ticket system to track emails and calls meaning we are always keeping watch over your enquiries.

Network Workplace Connect

Remote Support

We offer remote support (RMM) so you can get the help you need fast and efficiently.

Network Workplace Connect

Onsite Support

We provide onsite visits to offer help to your business.

Benefits of Working With Us

Network Workplace Connect

Clients Testimonials

Stephen Sawley

Being partnered with WPC is a joy. Their level of service and turnaround is exceptional. As is every member of the support team that I am in contact with. Savvy support and great to work with!

Mark G

We have been using Workplace Connect for around 2 years now, and have found them to be a great company to work with. The change over from our last provider was seamless, and we have enjoyed an uninterrupted service since then. They are always available to assist with any enquiries, and deal with all matters promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

Elliot Azim

I have worked with this company for over 4 years and can safely say that the customer service is second to none. The staff go above and beyond to assist with clients and suppliers and are always very friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend Workplace to anyone looking for a quality IT partner.

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    We put industry best practices in place and ensure they are continually monitored and evaluated as per guideline changes.

    We offer dedicated fibre speeds starting at 100Mb – 10Gb.

    High availability, redundancy, and high performing networks to ensure your business network is running optimally.

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