4 Interesting Cloud Trends

4 Interesting Cloud Trends

4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect

It’s estimated that in 2021, 50% of all company data was stored in the cloud.

One area of cloud computing that is used widely, but often isn’t considered as special as the software side is cloud storage. Cloud storage was one of the original purposes of the cloud which was very popular; due to it helps employees easily access and share files from anywhere.

Upgrades then came to the cloud service such as:

  1.     Automation
  2.    AI
  3. –   Team communication and business apps

Since the pandemic, a lot of employees may be working from home and living far away from co-workers. Therefore, it’s important to centrally locate files in cloud systems that can be easily accessed by everyone at any time.

We want to show you, what you can expect from the Cloud service throughout the next year. Therefore, we will explain 4 of the most interesting trends to look out for.


1. AI and Machine Learning Will Be Incorporated More

AI and machine learning are quickly advancing in every area of technology. For example, Microsoft Word and text message apps now predict what you might type; as well as programs such as Photoshop are able to crop around a person in an image in seconds because of AI.

It is believed that AI is going to be used much more in Cloud storage throughout the year. Therefore, you can expect help with the automatic organization of your files based on your Cloud storage patterns.

Furthermore, the use of AI in Cloud services means some features will be designed to eliminate manual or repetitive tasks to save your business time. This includes helping to automate things like provisioning, obtaining and importing data (also known as “ingesting”), and managing data retention.


2. Improvements in Ransomware Defenses

Ransomware can infect your data no matter where you chose to store it. Ransomware can affect your data on a computer, server, or in a Cloud storage platform; this malware has the ability to encrypt the information on your IT equipment and make it unreadable. Meaning you can no longer access it.

In 2021, research found that the average ransomware payment increased by 82% and ransomware attacks soared by 64% during the first half of the year. In addition to this, a survey conducted by CISOs found that throughout the last 18 months, 98% of organizations suffered a Cloud data breach.

To defend businesses like yours against ransomware, you’ll start seeing Cloud storage services offering ransomware recovery protection; this is completed by building sophisticated systems that can help prevent files from being encrypted by code. Furthermore, the system will be able to make a copy of your files and store it securely. Meaning that if something was to happen, your files can be restored at the click of a button.

With ransomware attacks becoming increasingly more common, this is a great step forward regarding cloud storage security and business security.


3. Leading Vendors Offering More Cloud Options

2022 is expected to bring more Cloud storage options, which are coming from leading technology providers. For example, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise recently introduced a new Data Services Cloud Console. Furthermore, Dell Technologies just announced a new APEX multi-Cloud design that it is working on to improve the cloud system.

The increase of Cloud service options for your business, means you may need more advice and guidance on deciding which model will work best for your business. It can be expected that the pricing will vary widely depending on what your requirements are. The last thing you need is to get a service which ends up charging you for more storage than you need or to be paying a lot for extra features you didn’t want.

It can be useful to understand the new features and updates coming to the Cloud service. This can help you make informed decisions for your business. It is important to understand that the new Cloud storage features might not be a perfect fit for your organization’s specific requirements.


4. “THE EDGE” Becoming a Key Part of the Cloud

One of the new sayings you may have heard of over the last few years is “Edge” or “Edge computing.” The Edge means bringing data applications and storage resources geographically closer to the user that needs to connect to them.

When data must travel across large distances to reach the user, it becomes more difficult to deliver the best user experience quickly and economically. Therefore, Cloud service providers have been deciding to move to an Edge computing model.

What this means for your business is improved reliability and faster responses when accessing or searching for files; because your provider is going to deliver your service from one of the company’s Cloud servers that is geographically closer to your business location.

However, if you are a company with offices spread throughout the country or throughout the world, this means that you’ll want to keep service location in mind when looking into cloud storage. We would recommend discussing with the provider about distance and how Edge computing factors into the potential performance of the service for your business.


Your business’s data is integral to running your company, and it needs to be stored securely and in a way that’s accessible for all employees. If you would like to find out more or be given guidance, contact us today:

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    4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
    4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
    4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
    4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
    4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
    4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect

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      4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
      4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
      4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect
      4 Features Coming to the Cloud Workplace Connect

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