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Meet our lovely team who keep your business safe and secure.

Samuel Tamkin


Jess Brereton

Operations Manager

Ollie Woodcock

Business Development Manager

Kim Sanoy

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Kyle Chennells

Technical Genius

Sam Whitlock

Technical Genius

Justin Chan

Technical Genius

Michael Tholen

Technical Genius

Daniel Wood

Technical Genius

Dwayne McPherson

Project Engineer

Our Core Principles


To be the trusted technology ally in the legal, financial, and real estate sectors, safeguarding each transaction and propelling the industry forward with integrity and innovation.


We are dedicated to elevating your practice in law, finance, and real estate through robust IT and security strategies. By delivering services that go above and beyond, engaging in honest and meaningful dialogue, uniting our collective expertise, and embracing industry-leading standards, we make technology your strongest partner in success.


Staff Quotes

Here is what our amazing team say about working for Workplace Connect.

Louis Zubiena

Doing my apprenticeship with ITEC has been amazing! They have supported me and helped me grow, which in return has allowed me to work so much more effectively at Workplace Connect!

Samuel Tamkin

I oversee everything technical at Workplace Connect ensuring we always adopt best practices and utilise market-leading leading technology. I am responsible for ensuring our customers have a clear technology roadmap and advice on their IT strategy.

Ollie Woodcock

My role is taking care of our customers, understanding their needs, and making sure we provide the highest level of service to support their business. In addition, I am building up a sales team to provide the highest level of service to our customer base and grow our business.

Michael Tholen

My role in Workplace Connect includes a wide variety of jobs including providing high-quality support, ensuring network availability, and implementing security policies and procedures to reduce the attack surface of organisations and avoid potential security breaches.

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Our commitment to your success knows no bounds. Experience unwavering support with our 24/7 service, ready to serve you anytime, any day.

Strategic Locations for Strategic Partnerships:

Basingstoke: Never Despair Studios, Unit 2, Alton Road, Hook, RG29 1RT

London: 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Dedicated Expertise for Specialised Sectors:

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Clients Testimonials

We take pride in our service and maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

Being partnered with WPC is a joy. Their level of service and turnaround is exceptional. As is every member of the support team that I am in contact with. Savvy support and great to work with!


Stephen Sawley, Director

I have worked with this company for over 4 years and can safely say that the customer service is second to none. The staff go above and beyond to assist with clients and suppliers and are always very friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend Workplace to anyone looking for a quality IT partner.

Elliot Azim, Director

We have been using Workplace Connect for around 2 years now, and have found them to be a great company to work with. The change over from our last provider was seamless, and we have enjoyed an uninterrupted service since then. They are always available to assist with any enquiries, and deal with all matters promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

Mark G, Director


Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding about us , if you have any further questions please contact us.

Cyber security-focused IT services for small businesses, cyber security is built into all of our product offerings to give you peace of mind. We are protecting small businesses at risk from cyber threats and providing the expertise to help.

A lot of MSPs overlook security and leave customers to worry about this, in addition, many smaller businesses cannot access the enterprise tools needed to protect their business from the growing cyber security threat. We use our expertise to ensure our customers are protected from cyber threats.

As a company full of people who love IT, our role is to take care of your technology problems so that you can focus on running your business. Whether you are lawyers, accountants, or any other sort of business; you can take care of your business knowing we’re dealing with your issues and keeping your business safe.

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