Top 5 Cyber Security Myths

Top 5 Cyber Security Myths

Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect

Cyber security has become an increasingly popular topic to talk about however there are many misleading facts. It is always best to do your research, so you can make an informed decision regarding what is the best way to protect your business.

Reports regarding cybercrime in the UK show shocking statistics which can prove how serious this element of security should be taken. In 2020 alone, it was found that up to 88% of UK companies had suffered a breach. Not only is the breach the issue, but you must also face the aftermath of the breach; another report found that 41% of people claim they will not return to a business if it had suffered a breach. Therefore, it is worth looking into how you can best protect your business and your customers.

We will talk through 5 of the most common myths regarding cyber security.

  1. Complying With Industry Regulations Is Enough

Although complying with industry regulations is enough to keep your business open, it is not enough to ensure you are protected from every angle. The benefits of complying with industry regulations include establishing trust, your business is allowed to stay open, and you can do business.

However, what some people may not realise is that the industry regulations you are told to follow, can be known as the bare minimum. This means your business can still be at high risk of suffering from a cyber-attack. It is never worth the risk due to the implications that come from suffering a cyber-attack. We would strongly suggest it is worth seeking guidance from an IT specialist, so you can be given the best recommendations on how to further protect your business.

An example of this is all regulations expect you to store customers’ financial information securely, but it does not talk much about protecting the work you share with co-workers. And if this information you share with co-workers was stolen then your business would struggle to complete work and there would be a slow recovery time.

  1. We Have Never Experienced a Cyberattack So Our Security Strategy Is Good Enough

This is another myth because you should never consider your business safe from a cyberattack. If one has not happened to you yet it is much safer to consider yourself lucky, than to believe it is because you have the best strategy ever made.

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly common no matter what size your business is or what industry you are in. To make things worse, cybercrime is constantly becoming more sophisticated and there is a shift in cybercriminals relying on human error in order to complete their attacks.

Therefore, training and awareness of cybercrime among your employees can play a huge part in your strategy; this should be done regularly and must take into account the style of attacks that are happening frequently. You should also speak to IT security experts to ensure your business has everything it needs to be as protected as possible from cybercrime.

  1. Only Large Businesses Are Targets for Cybercrime

Whilst large business cyber-attacks are the ones that get spoken about the most often, small and medium-sized businesses are still very much at risk. We understand that if a cybercriminal was to be successful in an attack on a large company there would be great rewards for them; however, the business would also have a much bigger budget for cyber security. Meaning, that depending on the style of attack it can be much harder to infiltrate bigger businesses.

There has been a shift, where now cybercriminals target smaller sized businesses because they believe that they would not invest as much into their security strategy. Along with this, a smaller business has less staff and therefore current staff can get wrapped up in their work and not be aware of the threats they face daily.

We would always recommend teaching yourself about the threats you face from cybercriminals, especially if no one at your work specialises in this matter. We would also recommend speaking to IT specialists to understand how effective your current strategy is and what more you can do. It was found that a small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds; therefore, it should be a priority to protect yourself.

  1. Anti-Virus Is Enough to Protect Me

Anti-virus is nowhere near enough to protect your business, it does not even protect you from all the kinds of malware you can get on your devices. Although anti-virus can protect you from one kind of cyber-attack, there are hundreds out there. Therefore, you should not rely on this as your only source of protection; however, it can work well to be an element of your security strategy.

Anti-virus will only protect your devices to an extent. You should also consider your network, firewalls, Wi-Fi and much more. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their techniques which means you must consider every part of your business that uses technology and how you can protect each element. Hackers are also focusing more on attacks that rely on human error, so you need to educate your staff on the dangers you face with technology and cybercriminals.

Whilst you must consider how to prevent an attack from happening to your business, we believe you must focus on the aftermath of one as well. If you do suffer a cyber-attack, having a recovery plan can ensure you have access to data, a quicker recovery time, and can give you actionable steps to deal with the attack.

  1. Threats Are Only External

Another myth is that threats are only external. Attacks can happen internally through:

  • Bad leavers (people who have recently left your business and what to cause harm)
  • Unhappy employees
  • Data leaks – people can intentionally or unintentionally leak information

You should always train your staff on how to properly manage data so accidental leaks do not happen, you should also restrict access to data for your staff. Your employees should only be able to see the data that they must use in order to work, anything else should be restricted to minimise the risk of data being maliciously used.

Furthermore, you should invest in cyber security software that allows you to control the access someone has to data and their device. Because this means you can act quickly if you think someone within the workplace has bad intentions.

To stay updated with cyber security news, go to the National Cyber Security Centre Website:

National Cyber Security Centre – NCSC.GOV.UK

If your business would like further advice and support, contact us today:

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    Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
    Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
    Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
    Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
    Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
    Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect

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      Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
      Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
      Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect
      Top 5 Cyber Security Myths Workplace Connect

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